Youth Programme

Schools – QVTP Youth Programme

DESIGNED FOR – Students who are:

  • Under-achieving socially

  • Exhibiting anti-social behaviours such as bullying and aggression.

  • Victims of aggressive behaviour

  • Low self-esteem/worth, depression, and isolation


Our youth programme is intended to provide a nurturing environment for personal growth and is designed to assist students who are struggling to cope with the demands of life.  We also cater for those students who require support with academic and/or social development. Each session incorporates various creative mediums including art, music, role play and narratives.  Such expressive modalities ensure the learning is meaningful and fun for each child.  Our interactive approach is flexible and student centred which allows for the needs of each group to be met.


  • Improving social skills

  • Exploring appropriate behavioural models, including anger management

  • Motivational skills and goal setting

  • Self esteem and self worth building

  • Acceptance of difference, acceptance of self

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Establishing respectful relationships, including effective communication models

  • Developing assertiveness skills


(Weekly session, programmes range from 6 -12 weeks, each session runs for  90 minutes )

  • We meet with the parents for up to two hours, one week before the group starts (cost included in the programme). 

  • We meet with the youth individually one week before the programme (cost included in the programme). 

7-10 yrs   Includes eight students per session at $280 ($35 per student)

11-13 yrs   Includes six students per session at $280 ($45 per student)

14-16 yrs   Includes six students per session at $280 ($45 per student)

Introductory Offer: For new schools to the programme.
The first session of the programme is free for a 6-7 session programme (save $280), two free sessions for 8-12 session programmes (save $560).