Men In Change

QVTP the new ‘Men in Change’ Group  (QMIC).

QMIC in Albany, provides a safe inclusive group environment for men to share narratives and constructive dialogue. Men support and validate each other’s experiences, growth and self-worth.

The ‘Men In Change’ group offers a multi-therapeutic eclectic approach for men to share their thoughts and explore many issues being experienced by men of various ages. QMIC offers tools, skills and knowledge for men to change their lives, deal with issues and share their narratives. QMIC supports men through their process of grief, loss and confusion, validating their stories, experiences, change and initiatives.


While acknowledging the journey, so far, and the influence of their histories, QMIC assists the process of acceptance of self and others, within a supportive network; that exists inside and outside of the group room.

Furthermore, QMIC celebrates men’s new narratives and stories of success.

Stephen de Quincey has written therapeutic programmes for men to explore their individual stories and implement change for many years.  Having worked in anger management for over 14 years.

Stephen has taken the original Raeburn House  ‘Men in change’ Group to a new level combining his knowledge, experience and skills into the QMIC group nights.

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My well being is definitely higher, and I have a much ‘healthier’ grasp
on my mind and self and behaviour as a result of having attended your
group and workshops over the years, and so in this I want to say it has
been with much gratitude and thanks for your work and efforts.

Steve B

To join or book for the upcoming groups contact:  Stephen de Quincey on 021 165-9069 or email