Rock Maze


Fee Structure.

Based on an hour session.

(All prices include GST)

Initial Consultation for all services in both Albany and Whangaparaoa: $ 100.00


$115.00         Youths and Teens
$126.50         Adults
$138.00        Couples & Families


$ 172.5 per session per 90-minute session
(A minimum of 3 sessions recommended-$517.50)

Life Coaching:

$ 138.00 per session
(A minimum of 5 sessions recommended- $690.00)

Comfort Eating/Body Blame (Six-session Workshops)

$360.00  Total (6 x 2hr Sessions).
Book a Group of 4+ and receive a 10% discount
Please Note: – Workshops will only commence with 6 participants.

EMDR– Distress relief

$ 172.50 per session per 90-minute session
(A minimum of 3 sessions recommended-$517.50)

Men In Change Group

$172.50 for 5 group session (one session per week)
(Groups will commence when a minimum of 6 clients have registered.)
No initial session required.

Please Note: Longer term therapy (over 6 sessions) a 15% price reductions applies after the 6th session.

       Weekend Appointment Surcharge:   $ 11.50

WINZ and Low Income Provision

It is our philosophy to ensure that anyone can access our professional counselling services. We understand that some people have financial challenges and are not always able to afford the help they need. There is provision for a reduced rate of $75.00 per session, for a maximum of 3 sessions, for those in financial difficulty, however this does not apply to Life coaching or Hypnotherapy.

QVTP is WINZ registered – CUR000716571

  • You may be eligible for subsidised counselling through Work and Income (if you are on or entitled to a benefit, or if your income is under a certain level).

  • Child Youth and Family may fund youth and family counselling if CYF is engaged with the youth/family.

WINZ will pay up to $60 of a counselling session.
Clients will need to get the appropriate forms from WINZ.