Couple Therapy

Building Bridges – Each couple has challenges and strengths

Couple therapy is not easy, but it is always thought provoking and emotionally engaging as you grow to understand the feelings and thoughts reflected in your own behaviour and of your partner. The process of good couple’s therapy comes from moving from understanding to action; working together with your partner you begin to speak and interact in ways that are more genuine, caring and understanding.


When a couple enters therapy, whether in crisis or a long term pattern of unsatisfying interaction, the methods used in and out of session will transform your connection in positive ways. Making a commitment to examine what you each bring as individuals to the couple dynamic and how you are functioning as partners  provides an opportunity to build or repair a deep and lasting bond.


Communication patterns are a common and fixable problem. Do you wish you could get your point across without triggering a fight or withdrawal? Do you feel misunderstood or have you replaced kind words with criticism and blame? Has the intimate spark died down and are you afraid it can’t be brought back to life?Since starting or blending a family has your relationship taken a backseat to your roles as parents? Putting effort into strengthening your partnership will help you navigate life’s bumps and get you back on course.

Depression & Anxiety:

  • Set goals for counselling outcomes.

  • Explore relationship history

  • Investigate emotional triggers

  • Practice intentional dialogue

  • Reduce negativity and build appreciation

  • Address infidelity and other relationship exits

  • Develop empathy and heal wounds

  • Re-ignite intimacy and passion

  • Establish a loving partnership

  • Manage Separation and divorce

  • Co-parenting- Respecting the needs of the child


My work with couples is guided by a combination of techniques that research has determined are statistically beneficial. Working together we will practice methods that provide the chance to be heard, understood and supported. By focusing on creating more positive interaction, partners maintain their individual points of view while contributing comfort to the space between them. This will add strength to your bond through life’s challenges

“There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way.”

During this “Crazy Time”, parents are distracted and preoccupied and are often at their most vulnerable. Children need to be protected as parents navigate through these troubled waters. Parenting through crisis requires that parents refocus on the needs of their children and reconnect with their children’s needs for two whole parents pulling together to keep their world feeling intact and safe. Having a professional to facilitate difficult conversations and teach parents conflict resolution, problem solving and communication skills strengthens the parenting team as they transition to the new family constellation.