About QVTP Ltd & Skyppsych

QV Therapeutic Perspectives Ltd (QVTP).  Est 2011 & Skyppsych. Est 2019


QV Therapeutic Perspectives / Skyppsych

QVTP (face to face therapy) and Skyppsych (online therapy) are independent practices, providing a range of face to face and online therapeutic / counselling services in Rodney for individuals, couples, mens groups, and youth/adolescence, with special emphasis in the areas of trauma, self- esteem / worth, anger management, stress disorders, and depression.

Stephen de Quincey.  Ms, Couns., PG Dip. Couns. B. Soc Wrk (hon).  EMDRAA. MNZAC. Managing Director and founder of QVTP Ltd & Skyppsych.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Since Covid 2020 Lockdown 95% of therapeutic work is online, which has proven highly effective, using EMDR as the base to integrate other psycho-therapeutic interventions.  Online clients sit in their own space, without driving to and from sessions, at times of the day / evening that suit them.  Online has proven a more convenient, cost effective option and as effective as face to face, more effective with youth. 

  • Face to face sessions can be arranged when requested. 

  • Group programmes are suspended at present until further notice.

My Approach

My approach to treatment is integrative: I don’t have a “one size fits all” philosophy.  I draw on a cross-section of eclectic therapies, incorporating classical, modern and creative therapies.  I have developed and implemented highly successful social skills/ anger management interventions and programs, to help children, teens, adults, couples and families change the way they relate to themselves and others.  A high percentage of my clientele is from referrals from previous clients. 


Skills and training

  • I have been in professional practice since 2000.

  • Undertake extensive professional development courses annually, in many different therapy interventions.

  • My Masters work was the use of creative therapies, especially music.  The core driver of this research was the years of success I had with youth using music therapy through my own programme creation.

  • I have written and facilitated group programmes for QVTP and other agencies / WDHB.

  • I am a full member of ‘The New Zealand Association of Counsellors ‘(MNZAC) and a full member of the EMDR Association of Australia (EMDRAA).

  • Having studied, trained and practiced extensively obtaining a Bachelor degree in Social work, Post Graduate Degree in counselling, and Masters in Counselling, my skills and qualifications have empowered me to counsel and practice in a wide range of therapies and modalities (as listed below).

Through QVTP, the diversity of my skills has enabled me to contract to other agencies (i.e.ManAlive, North Harbour Living without Violence, Strengthing Families, Raeburn House and Kidslink, etc.) My learning and experience has provided the flexibility to facilitate my own written programmes, for both youth and adults, for external agencies and QVTP.

This contracted work has included working in schools, providing group and 1:1 therapy sessions for youth, often including music therapy which is an area I thrive within.

Listening to Music

QVTP Ltd / Skyppsych Therapies:

  • EMDR (Trauma-related therapies).  Since 2016 this has been the most requested and delivered therapeutic intervention, due to speed, effectiveness and EMDR’s ability to address most issues from attachment to addiction, Abuse to trauma and PTSD, anxiety and depression to loss and grief,

  • Solution Focused therapies,

  • Narrative psychotherapies

  • Ego State Work: Transactional Analysis, IFST.

  • Music  & Art Therapy

  • Psychodynamic,

  • Mindfulness and Neuroscience therapies

  • Gestalt/psycho-dramatic

  • Life Coaching – Interventions & NLP / Trancework

Couple Hugging

Services Offered

  • Emotional regulation  / respectful communication.

  • Self-awareness.

  • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Family Conflict

  • Gender Issues

  • Addiction and Compulsive Behaviours

  • Life Coaching and Career Transitions

  • Self Esteem / Worth

  • Personal Growth

  • Grief & Loss

  • Relationship Issues (couples / family)

  • Stress Management

Self-discovery and internal healing will happen on many levels, physical, emotional, sensory / nervous system and spiritual.  Therapy sessions and therapeutic experience are individual to the clients, yet the commonality is a desire to feel complete.  I walk alongside my clients, holding their narratives with respect, while facilitating their internal self awareness, healing of wounds, opening up to perceptions of other an alternative present and future.  When doing EMDR work I support my clients for free between paid sessions with their EMDR processing,