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Learn to draw on your strengths

Harness your potential
Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

Human beings are capable of drawing on strengths within themselves to alter thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors that are limiting their potential.

Coping with Anger & Depression

While feelings of anger are a natural emotional response, the consequences of behaving in highly reactive ways are a common reason for seeking help.

Counselling for Tweens,Teens & Adults

Children and teens who feel left out, teased, lonely or frustrated can learn the skills they need to make and keep friends. Neurological and developmental issues add significant challenges.


Power of EMDR

I was the kind of person that spent his life internalising his emotions, I grew up in a house feeling second best to my older brother and had a struggling life due to that with my dad who came from a military background. This shaped so strongly my teenage years going into adulthood and the actions and how I dealt with them as I’ll explain below.

Music Therapy

Following on from my Masters Research, Music therapy sessions for youth are proving very beneficial. An empowering way to express hurt and validation.


Counselling & Psychotherapy:

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